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No one succeeds or fails alone. I like to define failure as a temporary setback from the lack of seeking, possessing, or utilizing the right relationships. Whether you’re at the start of your career or a seasoned professional the right relationships can help you fast-track your career, grow your business, land that promotion, and much more. In this book, I share my philosophy and proven techniques to achieve success through networking and building the right types of relationships. 

this Book

will teach you

the 10 different types of professional relationships

how to choose and acquire the correct type of relationships for your goals

Strategies to leverage those relationships to achieve success in your career

this Book

Is for

Early career professionals

searching for the “secrets” to career advancement


Looking to acquire partners and fully utilize their network

Seasoned professionals

Looking to achieve their next career goal and successfully help and influence others in their careers.

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About The Author

With over 20 years of experience, Andrico is a proponent of bridging the digital and diversity divide.  He is experienced leading corporate DE&I initiatives for a Fortune 100 company and has a passion for developing career professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and business owners.  He routinely advises executives on organizational strategies to drive profitable growth and he has also created outcome based strategic frameworks to accelerate professional success.  To develop the next generation of technology professionals, Andrico launched the St. Louis location for Cisco’s high school externship program, is a lead for college internship programs, and is an early in career mentor.